There are many students who seem interested in courses related to law. For the Student, R.D. Singh College Of Law has a separate faculty for law, which gives them a proper understanding of everything from legal point of view. If you are among those who cannot tolerate injustice, law courses are for you. If you desire to study law, you must know what exactly the discipline is all about.
Aim of R.D. Singh College Of Law-
The R.D. Singh College Of Law has set up the College of Law and Governance to inspire the girl population to opt for legal courses as their subject. Mody University has specially been designed for women and it, therefore, sees to it that they do not hesitate to build up their career as lawyers. 
MUST Produce Professional Lawyers
Besides theoretical knowledge, R.D. Singh College also provides professional training to the girls and tries its level best to ensure they emerge as most efficient professionals of the industry. The tranquil environment of the classrooms, labs and library helps them to grasp everything comfortably and hence gain expertise in the legal field.

We determine that education is purely the psyche of a society as it inflates up on from one generation to the other. Law profession isn't about how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know.

It rather is an accumulation of theory and practice. Therefore, we have commenced tutoring value based legal education with a difference and our distinct aim is accomplishing a legal excellence, both in theory and practice.